Online Tuition

I'm now available for Skype, Zoom & FaceTime Tuition!

Skype, Zoom & FaceTime lessons are £35 per hour for ad-hoc or one off sessions, £30 per hour if you keep up regular weekly or fortnightly sessions.

As I will require payment in advance for online lessons, there are some discount options available to take advantage of, in the dropdown box below.

Obviously these lessons will differ slightly to my in person 1:1 sessions as it's nearly impossible to play together, so I will ask people to email details of what you'd like to learn beforehand so I can plan ahead, and shortly after the end of the lesson I will type up & email you any notes or teaching materials that you require if I had not already forwarded you them in advance of the lesson.

You will need to have a good broadband service and Skype, Zoom or FaceTime accounts. I find it easier if your window is in landscape mode. Ideally no distractions and you, your amp or guitar should be close enough to your pc or Mac for the microphone to pick up clearly.

At my end my guitar (and studio microphone for speech) goes into an audio interface direct to Skype/Facetime so it's crystal clear for everyone.

Once we're agreed on a time, use the drop down box below to forward payment in advance and you'll be booked in and the Skype/Factime session will begin at the allotted time.

See you there!

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