What My Students Say

What my students say

"Having had guitar lessons with two previous tutors, it's become apparent that just because someone can play guitar, it does not necessarily mean that they can teach guitar. Big difference. Stu is the best of both, with a patient, methodical & flexible approach to learning." Olivia

"My confidence and enjoyment of guitar playing really developed after only a few lessons with Stu. Not only did I gain a collection of songs to play for friends and family but also felt like a true guitarist in the making. Thanks Stu!" Kirsty

"At 50 I wondered if I had left it too late to learn guitar but Stu assured me it wasn’t and under his expert and friendly tuition I soon began to make progress." Ray

"I spent a year trying to learn off the internet... which failed miserably. I just wish I knew about Stu Mason earlier. Fantastic teacher." Sam

"...you have opened their (and my) eyes as to what a good guitar teacher is all about. My real regret is that we didn't find you at the beginning of their journey!" Nick

“I wanted to have a refresher after many years away from scales and theory. Stu Mason was a great help and enabled me to rapidly pick up all I had forgotten. He is highly recommended.” Paul

"Stu makes lessons fun and enjoyable. You can go at your own pace and I am surprised just how much I have learnt in just a short period of time. He is an amazing guitarist as well as a great teacher!" Avi

"Yeah... Should've gone to this guy first...!" Sean

"Every lesson is a revelation!" Philip

"Having not picked up a guitar since I was at school but keen to get back into things with some formal lessons, I found Stuart Mason via the internet and have my guru! Stuart provides a great balance of theory and fun - pacing the lessons so that you are constantly pushing yourself to improve but always ensuring that you are enjoying your playing." Stephen

"Stu's a phenomenal guitarist and is more than happy to impart his knowledge, from modern metal techniques to acoustic fingerstyle and everything in between. Awesome!" Jay

And my favourite, perhaps most touching and inspirational of all...

"It gets me out of the house for an hour." Roger